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Kapala – Caveira tibetana

A caveira tibetana ou Kapala (ཀ་པ་ལ), está associada à rituais budistas, esta prática consiste em esculpir e ornamentar com jóias o crânio de uma pessoa morta, após esse processo, o crânio se torna uma espécie de receptáculo ou tigela, onde a pessoa que beba nela adquira o conhecimento e personalidade do dono do crânio.

Hoje em dia, principalmente no Ocidente, as Kapalas são usadas como enfeites ou artigos de luxo, podendo custar mais de R$2.000,00.

Na década de 90 o artista  Filip Leu, que é referência entre os tatuadores, foi um dos primeiros a tatuar Kapalas, a partir disso, o tema foi se popularizando bastante e cada vez mais clientes se interessam por tatuagens sobre este tema.

Tatuagem Kapala (em progresso) por Toshio Shimada

Texto por Rafael Lucente

My name is Toshio Shimada and I’m a tattoo artist. I was born in Brazil and I now live in Japan. My parents in of European and Japanese in origin. I started tattooing in Brazil with my father in 1985. In 1994 I opened my own studio in Japan. My style of tattoo is called Wabori (Japanese style) and also Tebori style that uses bamboo sticks bundled together forming many needles at the top. I use my own Tebori too for some events. My tattoo drawings of demons and dragons have many stories. As tattoo artists in Japan we work in groups. Due to the strong sense of community in the Japanese culture. also I work with another artist from different country . I worked in Gunma prefecture, north of Tokyo for several years and now Yuuji Motegi is working there. I have a studio in Tokyo Shibuya, where I do my work when I'm in Japan. I work mostly in traditional Japanese styles, sometimes the old school “sailors tattoo” style. I have worked in various places around the world. Some of these places include Rome, Lisbon, Valencia, Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid, New York, Miami, Bangkok London and Leeds UK. Sometimes I work in Los Angeles doing private tattooing and working on new designs. I enjoy participating in various tattoo conventions all around the world. I am interested any opportnities which may come along. 島田俊夫  私は日本人とブラジル人のハーフです。 1985年から父の店にてプロの彫師としてのキャリアをスタートしました。 1994年に群馬県大泉町に、2001年に東京都渋谷区に店をオープンしました。 これまでにイタリア、スペイン、ロサンゼルス、ニュウーヨーク.......等さまざまな国を訪れいろんな国際タトゥーコンベンショんに  参加してきました。 現在は東京都渋谷区に籍を置き、和彫りを中心に活動を行っております。

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